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12 May 2013

Quote for Today : LIFE

pic takde motif :P

hey guys..

jumpa lagi kita hari ni..
hari ni takda apa nak update sangat..
so ichiE just nak share koleksi quote yang ada..
tag untuk quote hari ni is "LIFE"..

baca and faham okey?..

"if people hate you,that because there is something in you that they dont have"

"when people underestimate you,dont be down! stand up and prove that they're wrong"

"life is a math equation.In order to gain the most,you have to know how to convert the negative into positive"

"first step to success.Believe in yourself!"

"keep your faith.When you feel like you are out of luck,just remember that life isn't over until you give up"

that all la kot untuk hari ni..
lain kali ichiE share lagi..

hope korang dapat fahami maksud dia..
(sorry pendek je post kali ni..)

see ya again next time~


  1. inspired...follow me then ill follow back thanz =)


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